Sony's DVD-R not recognized by my laptop [Solved/Closed]

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My lenovo IBM laptop does not recognize Sony 4.7 GB DVD-R. Though the DVD mentions on its casing that it is 1x-16x compatible, however also warns that trying to play this DVD on a non-compatible device could damage the disc or the device. This is Sony's new technology DVD-R called Accucore. I can play any other CD or DVD, but not this high capacity DVD. Do I need to install some firmware on my laptop to play this DVD-R on my laptop?

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try to upgrade the firmware or the DVD reader or else you will have to change the drive.

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what kind of firmware?
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hi can anyone help with a problem I have come across.i converted some RAW files from my Canon EOS300D to JPEG and transferred the photos to a DVD+R disc on my laptop which worked fine,but when I took the disc out and placed it in another laptop it said the disc was empty and it wanted me to format the disc,but it worked ok on my laptop.why is this and can you help me?