To format pc, name of cd

 Me Friendly...(I'm 13) (again..) -
my pc is not work because of virus and i need a format cd to format my pc will u help me?

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all u need is whatever kind of Windows XP CD...

I just make it simple..: F8 to open up Boot Menu during startup..

2.then,open up Windows Recovery Console by pressing R.

3.Press 1,it ask you for a administrator password,if u really blank at this part,just press Enter.

4.write down FORMAT C: . (Note:There's no need to Capital Letters)

Finally,Press Y and it Format biggie

I've done this just this night..:D

LOL..I was wrong at the 1..

it tells you about boot from CD:

You just press any key..

sorry for bad word structure..just press any key when it says:
Boot from CD. that's all..

BTW,me 13..haha