My account has been hacked

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My account has been hacked they have locked up my fb and that's my way of making a living and also I can't get into my Yahoo email they have changed all my security questions please help me old what to do anymore I make a living on fb ty.
Also how long does itt take fb to get your account activated again I lost 9 years worth of pictures of my kids and my grandpa who has passed recently I'm devastated

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Before we can help you tell us:

How were you able to determine that your account was hacked and that login information was changed?

When is the last time you successfully accessed your account?

There is nothing we can do but insist that you are patient with FB. As far as Yahoo goes, you are not going to get back in without the original mobile telephone number that you registered it with!
PLease understand, we have nothing to do with these two companies, nor do we have a backdoor to customer services! I hate to hear about situations such as these, but one must understand that if you are going to use these platforms, they are in control, and can do what ever they want with your pictures, or account, for that matter.

For all we all know, FB is really just a global registry disguised as an advertising platform!