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I’m trying to log some data imported from the web. I’ve already managed to import the data as a table and set an auto refresh to every minute. What I now need is after an auto refresh, for each row of the data to appear in a separate sheet within the workbook and appear on the row below the last. This would mean that after one hour, I would have a series of sheets with 60 rows of data. I’d like to run it for a full day. I hope that makes sense. It must be possible but beyond my VBA skills. I’m very grateful for any advice.

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Jan 9, 2018 at 04:56 PM
That is not a free question. We are volunteers. I would recommend that you perform the follwoing, and go from here:

Write (record) a macro that take the current tab, copies it, and moves it to the end of the book.

Write a macro that starts a new tab. PLace the current data conection, onto the new tab.

Do that, and post back if you have any issues tieing them back together in a scheduled task!

Many thanks for your advice. When you say a new tab, do you mean a new sheet or a new cell? If I do that, it would do it once and not every time there is an auto refresh.
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Jan 9, 2018 at 05:15 PM
New sheet. The connection (which can be re-used), will keep moving with the sheet.