PROBLEM uploading 2 GB SD card onto laptop

 melisa -
i have a sandisk 2.0 GB SD card that is more or less full. when i put in into my lap top it is not recognised at all. i have checked the little switch on the side od the card to make sure it is not locked. My 1 GB card works fine i just can't get this one to work in my lap top. Any ideas please ??

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They said on one other site that memory cards of 2GB need a card reader that is compatible with larger memory cards.
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Hye may be its damaged! i will advise you to try connecting it to another pc! or Card reader and see if it works!
so i can have conon camera and the 2gb memory card i have always used it and it worked good last night i came i took bunch of pictures on my camera then when i took the memory card out put it to my computer like i usually do it wouldnt open up the i put it back in my camera it said memory card error and then i look at my canon camera i put the memory card back in under format it says 1.5gb used out of 1.7gb is there anywhere i can go so they can fix the memory card or transfer my pictures somewhere
mine does the same thing on my father's computer which is a 1 gb laptop and so is my mother's, but the 4 gb card is only recognized on my mother's. weird..