System Security 09 - can't get around it!

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 Dries - Sep 13, 2010 at 11:03 AM
Add me to the list. :( I have the System Security 2009 spyware/virus on my computer. I have tried everything on this forum and then some and still can't get rid of it. Here's what isn't working: can't run the task manager, can't run regedit, can't run any programs for that matter...not even notepad, (I have to open a folder and type web addresses in there to get to the internet,) can download but can't run any registry/anti-virus/spyware programs from the internet, I already have Malewarebytes installed but can't run it either, it's even blocking some of the manual repair sites i've tried to go to from this forum, can't delete System Security program files because they are always in use/write protected, can't start in any form of safe mode, I even tried to run a spare Symantec AntiVirus cd I have and I could view the files but not run the install file...autoplay did not work either, last known good configuration didn't work either, also just found out it has spread on our home network to my man's laptop. Aside from all this it has been bombarding me with popups not related to System Security and in the last few hours my computer has been randomly crashing and showing a blue screen suggesting I start in safe mode (nice touch huh X...O ).

The way I see it, I need a registry cleaner/anti-virus/spyblocker that I can run before windows loads. I saw something about a boot disk with anti-maleware software you could run before windows loads but it was for Vista...I have XP. If you know where I could download something like that to burn to disk or another solution I haven't tried, please please please let me know!!! I appreciate any help. Thanks.

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