Can't install NFS 2015, NET Framework 5 is missing. Why??? [Solved/Closed]

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I can't install NFS 2015 in my PC. I use Windows 10 with the latest version of Framework. It say "Microsoft NET.Framework 5 is missing". NET.Framework 5? OH MY GOD... Please help me :(
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Thank you

Just because you use the latets .net it does not mean that all features are installed. This means that .net framework 4 does not include the features of .net framework 3. Thus if you dont have all of the .nets installed, then some software might not run.

I suggest you install all versions of .net (I think the one you need for this is .net framework 4.5 but I could be wrong). Some wont install if you have a later version of .net, so this means uninstalling the latest, installing the missing ones) and then reinstalling the later ones in order.

Good luck. Please let me know how you get on.


Ah - I wasnt happy with the answer I gave so did a little more research. You can download framework 5 from here :

It does require 4.5 and the "compatible" list does not mention Windows 10. It may install, but make sure you make a system restore point and back up all of your important data first.

I really appreciate thank you messages as a payment for solving issues   :o)

Thank you, BrianGreen 1

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I got the same problem
.NET framework 5 missing please install it
How to get rid of this ?
leonardohoracio - May 13, 2016 at 04:43 AM
someone figured out how to install the nfs? as also I am with this same problem
is the setup fake. i also have the same issue
Estou com o mesmo problema. Temos alguma solução?
same problem over here
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Thank you
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Thank you
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