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I have a spreadsheet that I want to enter data into a main location and then have it go to specific sheets based on state and date entered. My data is in range from column A through column L with the state in column I. I have a seperate tab for each state and a dropdown list for the states in column I. Date entered is in column K and is a formula based on last name in column A. Each sheet is formatted the same.

I saw a post from 2013 and tried to use it but do not know enough to change the code to what I need.


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OK, well, if you are having an issue making Excel code changes, learn something new and USE A DATABASE for what you are trying to accomplish. Spreadsheets are for calculations, not for storing values!
Get open office, or Microsoft ACCESS.

Make a table with columns. The columns are stuff like, date, time, and lets say who, and what.

So know you have a table with:

Now, you make a form, and link the Text boxs to the table columns. When you submit the form, you get the following:
3-22-2018--15:43--------Tech_A-----"fixed Washing Machine"

Now, you can write a report based on what date, what technician, or what they did, all without moving a thing, or writing code!!!

If you insist on using Excel, take a look here, and see if this helps:

Let us know if you need help!