High quality webcam to do some pattern recognition

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I need a webcam in order to do some pattern recognition, but I'm stuck, as most webcams I find on the Internet - Amazon above all - lack the quality and - worse - are often the same model with different names.
I hope some of you will be able to give some advice!
I absolutely need:
- decent quality overall. This is an example of what I mean:

The same grid, with an Aukey PC-LM1A and a Logitech C615: Logitech's quality is OK, AuKey quality is not, because of the unacceptable distorsion (at around the same distance).
- perfect focus between 0.5 and 3 meters. This is an example of what I mean:
If you look carefully at the two halves of the image, you will notice that the upper one is slightly out of focus. That's because the upper one was about 1.6-1.7 meters from the webcam (the Logitech), while the lower one was at 1.1-1.2, and the Logitech webcams (as most ones) cannot focus beyond 1.4-1.5 meters, as they are built in order to focus perfectly a person just sitting in front of the monitor.
But I need perfect focus up to 3 meters (infinity non necessary).
- possibility of tripod mount, as I need to mount the webcam on a tripod.
- manual focus of some sort (hardware would be better, but software would be OK); if not, it's imperative to have the autofocus possibily disabled and the focus locked on the point I decide, no matter what happens afterwards.

Not imperative, but preferable:
- wide angle (not so wide, by the way)
- a zoom, not necessarily huge (2x could be OK)
- sharp image
- price matters, but quality matters more.

I hope I've been clear enough. Thanks in advance to anyone who could help me!


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Apr 5, 2018 at 04:59 PM
Well we are not in the business of recommending hardware for your projects, but this might help:

That one should do what you want it to!

You forgot the most important part of a project scope, COST! All things are three legged: Speed, Quality, COST. One has to be given up in order for the stool to be sat in. In other words, if you want high Quality, then speed is slow so cost is low. If you want High Quality and speed, cost is up! Get it? If you want high speed, but low cost, quality falls! Once again, high speed, high quality, high cost!!!!

Have FUN!
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Apr 6, 2018 at 02:49 PM
Thanks for the advice! Although the Cisco webcam looks expensive for a 720p webcam (1080p would be much better) I'll keep it in mind. BTW, in this case speed is not an issue, just quality and cost.
JUst some things to think about in your future project provisions, and engineering!

I was once told (by the engineer of a popular GREEN GIANT ROLLER COASTER RIDE, take a guess);

"All things are possible if you know the requirements!"

Get it!

Something to consider, is "Speed" in this case, could be the time it take to find the right one! So, because you are SLOW to market to find the low cost one, you lost out on share because someone bit the bullet and bought the EXPENSIVE one.

Have fun!

Oh what fun! Project management!!!