My account has been hacked!

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My facebook has been hacked and my phone number email and trusted contacts have all been changed. And I have no other reset options for some reason. Please help! I've had that account for 11 years and some of those pictures are unreplaceable. I tried the options the fb tech support options but its leading me in circle because it keeps sending the code to the email address the hacker set up and since she changed the trusted contacts I can't get logged in from that option either. I'm close to tears at this point!

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Give this link a try!

This doesn't work because it asks me to get codes for trusted contacts which have been changed by the hacker. I really do appreciate you wanting to help
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Well, that is about all I can do. Do you REALLY need Facepuke anyway?

I'm more upset about the pictures on there like of my dad and grandma who are no longer with us. Fb made it easy to share special memories and not only that, a stranger now has access to all my friends info and that's just creepy. I appreciated your help but that was a bit condescending and now I feel like you're not interested in helping at all.
Well, to be honest, there is NOTHING WE can do!

I have never used the network, and don't care to!

I agree it is creepy. More than likely it is someone close to you that hacked it! I am truly sorry about your loss, now and then. I understand.

It must make you very upset to know that you have trusted this organization, and they are leaving you behind, as they aren't listening (better yet provide no way to really rectify the problem, as they are free!) The bad part is, if you were a paying advertiser, you would have an account manager that would be hopping to help you. But you are the eyeballs part of the equation, and they really don't care about the people that are creating the network. They care about the ad revenue!!! Sorry, sad but true!