My headset doesn't show in the playback menu

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First of all, I am a gamer but i tried something on the cheap side and i ended up with a no 7.1 surround headsets and i used them for like a month. Recently i got into CS and i needed good headphones and bought new ones.. Once i plug them in the headphones don't appear on the playback menu and it doesn't let any sound out of it... So i tried with the other headphones and the pc recognizes them as speakers and that's why they work...
Note: I've used 7.1 surround headsets before on this laptop, I also tried some things that i saw on other posts and it didn't work (like show all devices in the playback menu and going to the realtek control panel)

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Jun 17, 2018 at 09:05 PM
So, what specific problem do you think you have?