Computer does not boot, stuck in bios boot screen

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 Thulisile -

My computer, one day, when I switched it on, lost few icons on the desktop and became very very slow. I restarted it. But there was no change. So I decided to restore it to some day before so that I might get my last good configuration, but then problems began.

I pressed F8 and selected the Safe mode, but it showed some file name was corrupted, insert windows disc. But it went off quickly that I could not write down the file name.

I tried it once again, but now that screen too wasn't coming. F8 stopped working or so, it just went on to the screen where the blue bar moves under the logo and it was there for 1 hour and nothing came so I restarted it using the button on the CPU.

Now it took almost 20 odd minutes for overcoming the bios screen (in which an intel logo is present and a statement F2 for opening BIOS page) then came the Windows logo and moving blue bar. and nothing came for about 2 hours. Now, I restarted it again. The BIOS screen with intel logo and F2 for BIOS configuration comes, but thereafter no response.

I tried pressing the F2 button, nothing comes after 3-4 key presses. Just to inform, pressing any key makes a beep sound from CPU.

Now I don't know what to do. I have a windows 7 CD but no Windows XP CD.

Nothing comes after the BIOS boot screen. Even I cannot access the BOOT screen configuration.

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After not being able to get the initial solution to work, this solved my problem!
Thank you

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Thanks Satish, this fixed it for me.
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Hi navin.rahim,

Try the below mentioned steps and reply with the results:
  • 1. Disconnect external peripherals (Like Printers, scanners, USB media/Hard Drive, optical media) to check if any of the external devices are causing the No boot.
  • 2. If the computer is able to enter BIOS after the initial logo, confirm the Hard Drive is recognized in BIOS. If yes, follow next step. If No, load BIOS defaults and re-seat Hard Drive. If still not detected, the issue with the Hard Drive or the cable.
  • 3. As the computer is not showing the F8 options and is stuck on the initial screen, remove the Hard Drive from the computer and check if the computer is still stuck at the initial logo.
  • 4. If the computer passes the initial logo, try this Hard Drive in another computer and check. If the problem happens in another computer, the Hard Drive is faulty.

Thanks & Regards
Zohaib R
This worked for me!
thank you. good ideas
Thank you very much
Make sure that it's not a hardware issue. This issue is mainly due to the corrupted windows boot manager. To fix this insert your windows installation disk in your DVD-Drive and press F11(Just hold it or keep pressing it) until small dialog box of blue background appears, there you will have to select your boot up device i.e., in this case your dvd drive. After you're done it'll take some time to get you into Windows installation interface.

Click Next>Repair your computer(at the bottom left of the window). Select Troubelshoot>Command prompt. Here enter bcdboot.exe C:\windows C: and press Enter.
This should fix it. If this doesn't help try one of the following:
  • bootrec /fixmbr
  • bootrec /fixboot
  • bootrec /rebuildbcd