Cheat for the sims 3 [Solved/Closed]

 Emily -
im wondering what do you push to bring up the cheat window for the sims 3

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you click all at the same time-
hope this helps.
Thank you

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its Ctrl Shift C for windows xp, and Ctrl Shift Start menu C for vista
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Hye there,

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I have the Ipod touch and I have The Sims 3 World adventure and i need cheat code please
you press CTRL + SHIFT then C
ctrl +alt + C
you push CTRL+SHIFT+C if you would like to bring up the sims cheat bar
All you do is press shift-ctrl-C So hit shift, the control button and the letter C all at the SAME TIME! lol and some popular cheats that WORK (i know because I use them) are testingcheatsenabled true and jokePlease is pretty cool too.
control, shift c
Shift + ctrl + c
resetsim [nome] [sobrenome]
shift ctrl c oh and motherlode tipe that in cause thats for 50,000 grand :D
control+shift+c at the same time
Ctr shift? C
control shift c
Shift control cammand c
plz plz give me regester code sims 3 and give me cheat sims 3 ok plz :(
it doesnt come up when i press control, shift, c ?????????/
Ctrl, shift and C i think? =]
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