My studio 17 laptops speakers are not working

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My Studio 17 laptop speakers are not giving off sound. I checked everything, and it says that everything is working fine when it's not I'm confused, and tried restarting my computer several times now. Help?

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I have a Dell Studio 1737 and experienced a similar sound from the the internal speakers even though all indications suggested that the sound card was functioning.
I discovered inadvertently that plugging and unplugging the headphone jack into the head phone port seemed to resolve the issue and my speakers are currently functioning properly.
Could it be that there is a micro switch associated with the headset/external speaker port that turns off the internal speakers whenever you plug in and listen on headphones or external speakers?
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Mine didn't recover using this method. The speakers were working fine until I first plugged in my headphones. Then, they stopped working. Now, they don't work, whether or not I plug in my headphones
Its actually weird..but it speakers are working:))
thank you for resolving my problem =) as soon as I plugged in the headfhones my sound recovered.. I would've never thought about that. Thanks!!
Insane---THANKS!!!!!! Must be like you stated cause as soon as I plugged in/out speakers "woke up", ?
Brilliant, same issue and solution, thanks
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check if the sound is muted.
go to control panel > sounds and audio devices.
and then uncheck the "Mute sound".
Yayyyy worked for me too phewww! Thankyou!
Frankie- Oct 31st 2010
Thanks that worked for me to had to try all 3 headphone ports though.
Go to control panel > sound and see the Playback devices > select speakers > press Set default. It worked for me after installing new Dell Studio 17 drivers and I only got headphones sound.
dutch you champ!!
Great advice thanks!
I Have a Toshiba Satellite L505 laptop and my external speakers aren't working but my head phones are. I have tried troubleshooting and it says everything is working properly. When I pull my headphones out I can't hear the sound. Any suggestions.
Tried going into Device manager and updating the drivers for the hardware?
Good job Dutch!