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  • Developer Antonio Da Cruz
  • Version 10.14.1
  • License Shareware
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PhotoFiltre Studio X for PC is an image and photo retouching software that gives you lots of freedom to either create new compositions from scratch or to modify existing ones thanks to all its powerful features. Designed by Antonio Da Cruz, this software was first presented in 2005, and since then, it has been in continuous evolution.

What is PhotoFiltre Studio X?

PhotoFiltre is a software designed for editing and retouching digital images. This software allows you to make complex or straightforward adjustments to your photos and apply filters, tweak image settings, provide lots of brushes, perform multiple operations in a single command, and more. And don't worry, the simple interface will make you learn everything you need in no time.

What are the key features of PhotoFiltre Studio X?

  • Strokes and brushes: Lots of brushes are available, from the more standard ones such as different sizes of rounds and squares, as well as more advanced ones to create gradients with the Rainbow, 3D effects, Pastels, and Charcoal.
  • Easy to use interface: The interface is simple but lets you find every tool you need easily and quickly.
  • Filters: You will be able to use a massive list of different filters and tweak the images the way you want. You will find all the filters you need, including those that allow you to perform standard adjustments (such as brightness, contrast, saturation, gamma correction) or use more exotic ones (such as watercolor, pointillism, Indian ink, etc.)
  • Handy layered system: The simple to use but potent layer engine allows you to compose images together quickly, separate the different effects you want to apply, and create more complex and nuanced compositions. You can use several types of layers depending on your needs, including Bitmap Type (useful for cut and paste operation, etc.), Text Type (a dynamic one that you can modify at any time), Settings Type (that can manage real-time gamma, contrast, or Hue adjustments, etc.), and Color Type (may be used to add real-time transparency effects).
© PhotoFiltre Studio X
  • Great compatibility: PhotoFiltre Studio X supports lots of formats including PNG, GIF, BMP, RLE, TIFF, Targa or PFI. Once you finish retouching your photos, you can easily save and export the result in any supported format and change export settings like compression quality, size, and more.
  • Vector selections: You can use 2 types of vector selections. The first uses automatic shapes selection like rectangles, ellipses, triangles, diamonds, or rounded rectangles. And the second one lets your total freedom of shape drawing, it's the equivalent of the Lasso or Polygon selection modes in other software. You can shape the area you want by building a series of lines. You can save the result in a separate file for later use, no matter the selection mode.
  • Automatic Transparent Gradient: You can easily apply transparent gradient operations and manipulate the alpha channel to make your image fade in and out, from right to left, and more.
  • Red eye correction: Of course that you can also use the Retouch tool, select the part of the picture you want to soften, and remove undesirable red-eye effects.
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  • Holy GIF generator: Thanks to the layering engine, you can quickly create GIFs. Indeed, each frame is a specific layer merged one after the other. You can also tweak some settings, including the delay, loop, and more.
  • Mask system: PhotoFiltre Studio X empowers you even more with the mask system, as you will be able to create advanced effects of contour and transparency. Indeed, each mask is a grayscale image where whiter pixels increase the effect's transparency, and the darker pixels will decrease it.
  • And more: Many other features are also available, such as the icon creation mode the Add and Subtract Selection where you can combine several shape selections to create a more complex and accurate one. You will discover more and master all the tools step by step.

How to use PhotoFiltre Studio X?

You can consult all the available tutorials on the official website. You will find plenty of very useful pieces of information and learn to use PhotoFiltre Studio X in no time.

Is it free?

You can download and use PhotoFiltre Studio X for free for 30 days. Then, you will have to purchase a registration key which costs about $29.

Is it safe?

Yes, PhotoFiltre Studio is safe to use and has no history of data leaks, and is not bundled with any kind of malware.

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