Facebook disabled reviewing additional documents

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hi ....i cant opan my fb acount pls work fast and opan my acount pls
the msg is We'll take a look at the documents you submitted and get back to you. If we need more help with confirming your name, we'll contact you for additional documentation. so pls start my fb acount thanks

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OK, so what part of the email is confusing? There is nothing to do but wait. I suggest you look for other ways to pass the time, or sell your stuff!
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Facebook wishes to verify your identity. Have you submitted to Facebook the document that Facebook has requested from you? You will not be able to recover your account until you do. Check your email or sms Facebook sent you a message.
There is no reason for Facebook to know your real identity. You'd be an idiot if you send them your photo id with your address.
Whats next? they need your SSN? they already have your cell #

I had an account since they began, with fake name, photo etc. now suddenly they need to know who I am. I told them to F off.

Facebook is going down and will soon be irrelevant.
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