Everything on my computer is zoomed out

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About a month ago I accidentally clicked on "fix blurry apps" on my laptop. After I clicked everything was zoomed out, everything is too small and I can barely see text. not only that, but now my entire computer is so I can barely open any apps, and half of my apps are crashing all the time. None of the solutions that I'm seeing for other people are working for me. I was wondering if anyone on here could help me. (I own an Alienware laptop and I am currently using the latest version of Windows 10)

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I will try to give you keystroke directions, since you are having issues with display.

Press windows key, type DISPLAY

Hit Tab Twice - this might trigger an alert asking you about BLURRY ICONS. Say no, turn it off. If it does not, then select CHANGE the SIZE of TEXT drop down, and select 100%