Zoom out on Vaio using fn keys [Solved/Closed]

 Nikku -

I was trying out the fn keys on my vaio. I used fn+ F10 to magnify my screen. But now I cant find the zoom out key and all the characters on my screen look really huge! please help me out.


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doesn't a second Fn+F10 switch it back?
Thank you

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it worked. Thanks a lot
oh it work that happen to mee .thanks
Thank you so much. It was driving me crazy.

Fn+F9 is the zoom out shortcut on mine. Fn+F10 is the zoom in.
how do you zoom out on a vaio laptop

hi ..
i have the same proplem :S
i try to click again on fn+f10 .. but nothing happend :S plz help me !
Click on the lower right corner where it shows the percentage of enlargement or magnification, to bring it back to the 100%

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