My PC turns up but nothing is displayed on the scr [Solved/Closed]

 RowidAldeeb -
Hello guys

My pc was working fine as of yesterday i turned on my pc opened a game then every thing got frozen the pc would not respond to any command i shut it off with the power button then turned it on thats when nothing showed on the screen its like it was not recognizing the hdmi was connected. I removed the gpu and turned it on it worked fine, when i reinstalled the gpu and turned it on the dcreen was recognizing the hdmi source but it lights black. What is the issue here is it the pcie slot or the gpu or something else.

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probably the gpu needs to be replaced.
thanks buddy it turned out to be an excessive power stuck within the system cycles disconnecting the psu main cable and holding down the power button for 60 seconds got it back up thank you.

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