How to repair damaged MS Word file [Solved/Closed]

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Recently My MS Word (DOC) files got damaged and I was looking for methods to repair damaged MS Word file. While browsing the internet I came across these 2 techniques which helped me to recover MS word corrupt files.
The first method was 'Open and Repair'
This is a very easy method to repair corrupt MS Word file, check the steps as follows
Open the MS Word Application (not the file)
Go to File and Open, now a new window will open
Browse the path where the corrupt file is located and single click on it
Now expand the arrow button beside open option and then select 'Open and Repair'
The Word will itself run recovery process and repair the damaged corrupt file.

The next method is Change File Extension
Go to the folder where the corrupted file is stored
Copy the file and all the changes will be done to this file
Change the extension of MS Word from .doc/.docx to RTF or TXT
Open the new TXT or RTF file and copy their contents
Move the contents to a New word file and save it
The data will be recovered in new PST file.

These methods will help you to recover MS word file instantly.
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