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Good day

I have this formula below but need to add another function to it. I have five cell (let say B,C,D,E,F) each with a selection option indication a symbol or not. Each symbol if selected indicates progress on a project in a separate cell (A), i.e. Reported, Initiated, In Progress, etc. Unfortunately I have to remove the symbol (i.e, Cell B) each time the status of the project changes and then select the symbol in another cell (i.e, C) to display the current status. I need to have the project status displayed in the cell A by selecting the updated symbol in cells B-F without removing the previous symbol, in other words the next symbol selection should take preference over the previous one.

Please advise

=IF(I9='Security Safety Meeting - 2019.xlsm'!MARK,Master!$J$3,IF(J9=MARK,Master!$J$4,IF(K9=MARK,Master!$J$5,IF(L9='Security Safety Meeting - 2019.xlsm'!MARK,Master!$J$6,IF(M9=MARK,Master!$J$7)))))

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Nov 7, 2018 at 03:05 PM
Perhaps you need to build another colum for a lookup, from most important to least. Then the lookup, will match on the first one, which will be the one up the chain higher than the previous. I think you are running into a code firing problem. Just have it do what it is currently doing on a worksheet change method. Try that first.