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How do I find out if my Yahoo account was deleted and have it restored. I sent a test email from my Gmail account to my Yahoo account and got the following message:

554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a account (***@***) [-9] -

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Thank you but already tried that and none of the request information is recognized. Which leads me to believe my email account was deleted. Now I just to find out how do I go about contacting Yahoo to try and have it restored.
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HOw long ago was it you last accessed it?
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I read my Yahoo emails everyday.

How long did it take to get that error back?
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I agree. My test returned immediatly, too. Check your spelling. Are you using a contact in gmail?
Don't understand the question "Are you using a contact in gmail?"
When you originate the email from Gmail, are you using a contact (that is a known good), or are you free typing the address? Take care to type in the correct address if you read your emails everyday, and are certain that the account is good. Have you contacted anyone else that knows that email, and asked them to send one?
Good question. I'll asked someone else to test the email address.
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Lets start simple before we go down the contact the provider (who isn't going to respond anyway!) road!

PLease let us know what the issue was, so that we can assist others that may have similar issues! Thank you for your help with the matter!
Honestly, I am little confused myself. I decided to send another test email expecting a bounce back immediately, when it didn't happened and I sent another which didn't bounce bad either. So, I decided to try and log into my account and it worked.
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It happens! Thanks for the prompt response. I appreciate you sharing! Perhaps it was a internal network outage. Thanks again! Come back if you have any other issues you may need help with!
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Sir Mark,

After reading your above reply, I predict that Santa will be especially generous with you this year. Remember to send him your letter and wish list.

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