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Sunday November 18, 2018
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November 18, 2018
So my PC used to freeze everytime it got bumped a little bit and I would just have to restart it and it would work again. But now when I try to turn it on it will start up for about 5 seconds, then shutdown, then start back up again and the fans and everything will be on but it wont boot up and says no input signal, I cant even get to BIOS. I have tried unplugging everything and testing everything but nothing works. I was getting really frustrated and kicked it and then it suddenly booted up to this screen that said overclock failed press f(something) to boot, and I did then it took me to the BIOS and I exited that and then it worked like it always did. But everytime it shuts down or goes to sleep I gotta kick it or move it around to boot it up again. Also when I power it off it just restarts itself and turns on again. I was able to search for malware when it came on but found nothing. I can't figure it out.
2x4 Ripjaw DDR3
GTX 1050
Asus P8Z77-v LX
2x 750gb WD 7200rpm
Windows 10
GreenMe650 Bronze Cert 650W PSU
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Wednesday October 8, 2008
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June 15, 2019
Thank you
It appears you have a loose connection or a failing motherboard.

I suggest you disconnect and reconnect all power and data wires on the motherboard (one at a time). With the power disconnected.

Good Luck
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