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Hi please help me to open my village, it's connected with my email address through google play games my game career and achievements i can see in my google play games account it's all right. But when ever i'm going to open my village it's prompting for supercell ID Verification code but the code is sending to someone else email. I don't know why it's sending to his email address and he is not giving me the code please help me to remove his email address from my village Supercell ID.

I was playing The COC from last 4 years and it's Town Hall 11 max out. with 86/100 achievements i can see in my google play games application.
please please help me or i will die.
I also emailed to supercell directly but they are saying like

"Hey chief!

Thank you for contacting us! I am Christos and I am here to help you!

There is nothing to worry about. I am here so that we can sort it out!

Please, log in to the game, and through the new village, open a ticket from inside the game. Then, we can continue into solving the issue!

To open a ticket through the game: Go to settings from your game -> Tap on the "Help and Support" -> Tap at the top right corner the message icon and contact us!"

I also contacted in game chat support but they are giving me only optins

press 1for what is supercell ID

press 2 for supercell ID reconnection

press 3 for optout from supercell ID

press 4 for others.

and just ignoring what i'm asking about..
System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 70.0.3538.110

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What are we to do about someone else's customer service? Do you have a technical issue?