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  • Developer aikomoch
  • Version 1.1.0
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Gacha World is a Gacha Club mod made by Aiko (Team Reverence) with the help of Chydo and Daiki, as well as many more from the Spanish and Portuguese communities. It brings more content to the whole game and extends the character creation process for more fun and possibilities.


  • The scene is yours: You have the freedom to create your own stories and scenes from the ground up. Once your characters are made, you can customize the foregrounds, backgrounds, objects, and pets, as well as move and resize them. You can also make custom conversations between characters, create scenes with narrators, and apply face presets.
  • Mod unique content: They did a great job in the hair part, as you will find many new hair looks. Also, there are a few new shorts, jackets, and hats. This is very refreshing as it brings more diversity and allows you to create more coherent characters. In addition, instead of presets, you get all the characters as white, so they are ready to be edited from scratch. Let's express your creativity!
© Gacha World (Mod)
  • Character customization: You have lots of control to shape your character's body appearance any way you want. Indeed, you can modify many attributes, like Hair, Eyes, Face, and Presets, and get astonishing results in no time. That's a really funny part. Of course, you can also compose lots of different looks through many costumes, bags, heads (like headless or earless), masks, scarves, and accessories such as hats, dresses, pants, swords, sticks, and umbrellas.
  • Pets: Gacha World features many different pets (dogs, cats, but also more exotic and crazy creatures). These cute characters will spice up your scenes and allow you to create more diverse stories based on quirky plots.
  • Start now: There are no third-party ads, and you don't need to register to play Gacha World. That's the kind of detail making a difference, as you can directly jump into the adventure.
© Gacha World (Mod)


Gacha World (Mod) features an anime-inspired artistic direction. The characters are all brightly colored and have a cartoonish look. The backgrounds are detailed and feature a variety of locations, from forests to castles. The game also features a variety of special effects.

Duration and game modes

Gacha World offers a single-player experience and several game modes you can enjoy as long as you want:

  • Studio: In the studio, you can unleash your creativity, construct scenes, and make the magic happen.
  • Gacha: Gacha offers you the chance to acquire special units to fight in battles and collect heroic spirits. You can choose from over 180 units for combat, as well as 150 pets to boost your stats, use Summon Tickets for a 100% chance at getting a unit. Plus, there's much more!
  • Battles: Four battle modes are available in Battle, such as Story, Training, Tower, and Shadows of Corruption. You can gain gems and get exclusive units by fighting in Shadows of Corruption, which can be unlocked after clearing chapter 2.
  • Units: You can enhance your units to make them stronger. Three ways are available, including Enhancement (it uses fairies to level up your units), Awakening (awakening your units increases their max level up to 200), and Skill Enhancement (by leveling up a unit's active and passive skills, you will boost their performance).
  • Mini Games: Each mini-game has an Easy and Hard mode, and there are numerous mini-games and challenges where you can acquire gems and Bytes to get more characters.

What do the reviews say?

There are no official reviews, as it is a mod of a niche series, but the Gacha player community seems to praise it for the new content it brings.

Age rating

The game is appropriate for a 10+ audience.

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