How to block / prevent the resizing of elements on a lower screen resolution ? [Closed]

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I'm Thomas
Sorry for my probably bad english, i'm French...

I will resume my problem by step.

1. Before this problem, i didn't have two monitors, but an only one. there wasn't Firefox's resizing problem.
2. Then, I've bought a TV, plugged on my laptop (HDMI). It has a greatest screen resolution than on my laptop.
3. Now, if Firefox's windows is on my TV : There isn't Firefox's resizing problem...
4. Then, if Firefox's windows is on my laptop, the probem is here : There is a big Firefox's resizing problem...

Indeed, by using an firefox addon, i have this problem
-> By using a firefox extension, its display is truncated, almost hidden.

My question(s) :
Is there a way to prevent this?
Else, Is there a way to make firefox believe that the current monitor has a high screen resolution?

This is 2 screenshot
-> On my TV, no problem :
-> On my laptop, problem :

thank you in advance


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The screen resolution is set by the EXTERNAL device every time. The PC can only handle ONE resolution with ONE graphics card. Before you disconnect the external monitor, select WIN-P and select Screen only.

Thank you

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