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I got this new computer a few months ago, and before I had this computer cs 1.6 which ran perfectly and there were no bugs while I had that computer. However, now since I've changed it I'm occurring a problem that involves the main frame (the 2 Ct's) on the main menu, but I don't see any options. (You may think this is the common problem but really it's not), I tried all of the solutions, but it still doesn't work. While the main menu is still open with the picture as well, basically I opened console, but still the picture is up and I write "connect <IP>." I connect to the server, hear all the sounds, and everything; but the picture is still up. I'm using CS Warzone from the cswarzone.com. If someone has a solution for it, please let me know. I really miss playing this game, one of my childhood games as well.

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Thank you
OK, so what is really happening? You have described your motions and procedures, but failed to tell us what the indication is....your title is not helpful, as it states problem. What is the error or the problem please?
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I'm sorry for that, basically the main menu picture, no matter what it wont go away. That's basically what my issue is, earlier I just went into more details.
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