Counter Strike fatal error

Hello, I have a strange problem on my windows xp professional x64 and I cant run counter strike 1.6 on it. When I try to run the game I got a message " available memory less than 15 MB". Can enyone please help me. I went to compatibility but it still shws the same problem. I need to fix it as quickly as posible. HELP!!!

abit quad gt motherboard
core 2 duo 3.00 ghz
hdd 320 gb
nvidia gf9600gt 1 gb

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Hey mate, try this.

Right click on the shortcut, choose properties, compability, mark the Run this program in compability mode for, choose Windows XP SP2.
Thank you

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WOOOT finally someone figured this out! thank man!
thanks so much bro!
Thanks dude it works
It worked like a charm
thank you
If you have Windows XP 64bit and 4 gb ram And when you starts CS 1.6 I get this error: "available memory less than 15 mb!!!" solve for this:

Download file

Replese original hw.dll in CS home directory (there hl.exe file)

Works for mee 100%
Thanx boss it'z work't For me 2 ;)
The file has been removed you have another solutions..??
hi hardik or black-powah plz mail me too??
i have vista and give me same error HELP PLS
umm I have the problem withs cs 1.6 ( sorry my bad english ) but everytime when I dry to connect to the server then its starts downloadin de dust 3 :S:S I downloaded de dust 3 but then it says that couldnt download some sprite file :S:S plz help .
If the compatibility tweak (properties - compatibility mode - WIndows XP) doesn't work for any of you: delete the old shortcut, create a new one to the hl.exe and and enter this to the target field on Shortcut tab: D:\Games\Half-Life\hl.exe -console -game cstrike

For some reason the compatibility settings didn't work with the old shortcuts I created in Windows XP and Vista..