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Can someone help me out? After shifting my office PC (DESKTOP-WINDOWS 7 ULTIMATE) for maintenance work at my office for a couple of days, I reconnected my PC back in office and switched it on. Now Windows came up with a user profile which I had used 3 years back. Somehow I remember that password and logged into that user. But now what I can see is only the datas until the year 2016 in the C drive. I am not able to locate any programs or datas after 2016. So from 2017 till 2019 data and programs missing from my system. I checked all the users in the C drive but all the user has only the data till 2016.

So can someone help me out to recover my old files? Please suggest me some solution to overcome this issue. I had lost some of my important data which saved on my my desktop folder.

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It sounds to me that someone built a dual boot, and you didnt select the correct boot image. Restart it and pay attention to the start and select the second OS! Lol.
Thank you

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