Laptop Shows Black Screen And Then Spontaneously Shuts Off

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I have had my laptop for 2 years now and its not booting up. it started last year october when i was using my laptop and suddenly the screen went black. i turned it off and tried to turn it back on and the turned black and the indicator lights came on and the fan and then it spontaneously shut off. i tried again multiple times but the more i tried, the quicker it turned off. it later came on about 3 hours later. afterwards, its became black again after a few hours of usage and i tried the windows key +x to get task manager to see if a program was causing the problem and the system was giving me no feedback. i shut it off again and it took me even longer to turn on. it came on the next morning and when it came on i put it to sleep until i returned from school 4:00 in the evening and was using it for about 5 hours and it became black again. it look me 2 days to get it to boot up again and when it did, it died in about 6 hours with the black-screen in the middle of a song i was making in my pirated copy of FL Studio 20 that i got from which got me infuriated. I turned it off and went on youtube and watched a couple videos and none of them helped. i removed the battery and tried the charger only, same thing. I tried powering it on and holding down on f2 and then tried again continuously pressing it, same thing. i tried F8, same thing. i honestly don't know what do do anymore, i am a bedroom producer and collab with others via instagram and i honestly don't know what to do, please help me. i should also mention that when i turn it on it also makes a beep sound like it always does before the booting screen and now it doesnt even load the boot screen. i tried a week after and it came on and when it turned off again i was able to boot it up successfully, and after 3 hours it was gone again until about a week later when it was installing a windows update and shut down in the middle of it. I wasn't able to boot it back up again throughout the rest of november or even december 12 when i went away for the holidays. I came back on January 8 and tried and its the same thing. i was finally able to boot it up last week saturday and it came on successfully and the black screen came again after 2 hours. Please help me, i'm desperate, i'm losing my Fanbase.

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Jaheim Geddes

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Jan 22, 2019 at 06:54 PM
I suspect you have a hardware problem with the motherboard. Solution? Buy an identical laptop via eBay and swap the hard drives.

Good Luck