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Recently my computer crashed and stopped Displaying to the monitor. When I start the computer , everything starts as usual(all the fans begin to spin & no weird noises) but no display shows on my computer.
Background info : My brother Edits videos on my computer and would leave it in sleep mode for days at a time. One day when he was editing a Application would not start. Than the computer completely froze. He proceeded to turn off the computer but it did not display the next boot & hasn’t displayed since than. Nor has the actual power button Light appeared.
More Background info.
Motherboard: Msi z97 bought Used.
CPU: Intel I5 4590 I think. Bought New
GPU : Msi R9 390x Bought New
16GB of Ram(4GB Each). Two new ,Two used
Two Fans, One CPU Fan
PSU : EVGA 750 B 80+ Bronze
All of these were purchased 2016.
Thermal Paste has not been applied within a year.
P.S I have removed every individual Ram but have not solved my problem .
P.S.S i have removed the power cord and held the power button for thirty seconds
Thank you in advance for all your help and tips.
P.S.S.S My brother attempted to duel Monitor Display before the crash happened as well.

System Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 72.0.3626.101

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Mar 4, 2019 at 10:13 AM
Boot with no ram....does it beep or flash lights? No? Then the mb has a malfunction because it shoukd make an error with no Ram.