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I want to make copies of excel sheet such that if I delete rows/columns in main sheet they should be deleted in copy too.

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 58.0.3012.0

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Its called save as.....
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Hi Vinayak,

Could you give the following code a try and see how that works out for you? Keep in mind that actions done by macro's can't be reversed by using the blue arrows, so better test this on a copy of your workbook.

Here is the code:
Sub RunMe()
Dim x, y As Integer, mCheck As Boolean, ws As Worksheet

If Selection.Columns.Count > 16383 Then
    x = ActiveCell.Row
    y = Selection.Rows.Count
ElseIf Selection.Rows.Count > 1048575 Then
    x = ActiveCell.Column
    y = Selection.Columns.Count
    mCheck = True
    Exit Sub
End If

For Each ws In Worksheets
    If mCheck = False Then ws.Rows(x & ":" & x + y - 1).Delete
    If mCheck = True Then
        Range(Columns(x), Columns(x + y - 1)).Delete
    End If
Next ws
End Sub

After pasting the code in a standard module, you can go back to Excel and hit Alt+F8 to display available macro's. Clicking on the options button will allow you to create a shortcut button. I used CTRL+d.
The rows or columns need to be connected.

Best regards,