Hp laptop takes 15 minutes to boot [Closed]

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I have a HP Pavilion g7-1320dx with Windows 7 that has been idle for 2 years due to a broken screen. I replaced the screen, and when I press the power button, it lights up but I have no screen for about 10 minutes, at which point the message "Press esc to pause startup". After another 5 minutes or so, Windows finally loads and everything works great. No issues in device manager

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Let it boot, them get an elevated command prompt, and run sfc /scannow

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Cmos does not cause slow load.
Thanks for your help. Sincerely
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The next thing, is to go to system, and look at what loads at start up. Right click over the windows start charm, and select system. Go to advanced settings. Look at startup.
Just for giggles I took the main battery out and booted up just fine...I have a new battery coming from ebay tomorrow. Thanks for your help ac3mark...you're very knowledgeable.
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Let us know the new indication. Good luck and thank you for the feedback!

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