Cant use my laptop without battery. help [Closed]

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I have a Sony Vaio laptop that I got 4 years ago. There's one problem, my battery just died. I can't afford a new one and I can't even use it without the battery. If anyone of you can help me get out to this issue please respond.

Please note that I have already tried every quick fix tutotial everywhere but still no fixed

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 69.0.3497.86

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Put the battery back in, and bring along the power cord, along with this!
As I said that I can't buy things right now; amazon takes 1 month to send items in my country. I went here for solutions and fixes.
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There is no fix for a failed battery! Sorry, its not what you want to hear, but physical things fail. Software you can tweek, batteries, not so much!