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I have mastered windows media player as amateur dj does just what I want.If I load music bee to try out will my media player still function? Can I transfer my playlists? I am oldie and bit new to all this

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Yes your media player will still function. Do not have the program reassociate the music files to it tho. if you do not understand what I am talking about, it might be best to not mess with it, as you are going to install it, it will make changes to your pc, and them it does not look or act like you want. Your playlist will probably not convert.

Many thanks. I just need some really basic guidance and with your kind of help I m getting somewhere. I will join this forum. In the meantime I now understand my playlists will not move over that would not be a problem. My main concern is Media Player will vanish. I just want to get my albums on to something else that does what media player does. Any further guidance in really basic terms would be appreciated.
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The media player will not go away. But, if you associate the new program as the DEFAULT player for your music, you will not have the media player as the PRIMARY PLAYER any longer, and the music files will change the icon to whatever the new music program wishes the icon to be. So, if you do install it, do not make it the default player. So in other words, READ the installation steps, and DO NOT JUST CLICK NEXT! Make certain you are installing a trusted piece of software, with no add ins! During the install, it might ask if you want these other programs, say NO! Take your time and read the install.

Have fun!
Thanks again Mark. The fog is clearing. I ve been getting scare stories about Media player going. I will leave things well alone for now , I live in retirement flats with communial lounge and sound system and have accumulated lots of other peoples music of all styles and genre. I don t need all the fancy bits music bee adds. Media player does just what I want it to. I was concerned what downloads can do they don t tell you that in the ads do they. Probably speak to you again, bye for now
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Come back for any technical assistance. If ypu need help managing accounts, come here first before you make any changes, thay we can dicuss the change and its impact.

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