How much work does your center channel put in with movies and music? [Closed]

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Hello everyone,

I currently have klipsch RP 600m bookshelf speakers, HSU VTF2 MK5 subwoofer, Denon X1400H receiver, and I just purchased a MASSIVE Klipsch RP-504C Center.

I installed the center and was stoked. I turned on a TV show and didn't notice any difference. I went up to feel the cones, and couldn't feel any sort of vibration as if it wasn't working. I gently felt the bookshelf speakers cones and they were putting in work. I ran the Denon set up and it played sound from all speakers, including the center and they definitely worked there.. I figured maybe the TV show (Brooklyn 99) was just not set up to play center sound? Then I played a movie (hurt locker) and same thing, it barely was playing any sound, if any at all.

I'm listening to Spotify now and again, same thing. I don't think it's playing any sound. But it shows it connected and plays sound when I did the Denon set up.

What's going on? Is the center not used as much as I expected?

Thank you!

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It depends on the audio setting. Not all audio settings have a center channel. Dolby settings will. Check to see what level of audio processing you are using. Stereo will not utlilize a center channel.