Photoshop CS3 won't open Canon 500D RAW files

Howie W - Jun 13, 2009 at 05:40 PM
 Neilpeel - Aug 8, 2010 at 05:26 AM
I have just bought a Canon 500D this week and am devastated to find that my Raw files will not open in CS3. Is there a solution? No way can I buy CS4.
The instructions for others on the Forum with, for instance, the 450D frighten me. Any advice really appreciated.
Howie W

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i have got the 500D and CS3
Download DNG converter 5.4 from the adobe website. It does actually convert to DNG format despite what it says on the website. You must put you raw files into a folder and then drag the folder onto the DNG converter icon. It will not process an individual file from the desktop.
Hope this helps.
I use 500d with cs 3 and download this plug in as you said but It doesn't work.
What should I do?
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Feb 23, 2010 at 03:27 AM
Opening Canon RAW files on Adobe Photoshop CS3:

What a nasty kapitalist method. CS3 is not that out-dated, I don't have the money at this point to upgrade to CS4 and I can't use the RAW files from my Canon 7D. I'm very unsatisfied on Adobe's so called customer service. Jeez....
I've just done it.

Download Adobe DNG converter 5.6, install and open, select ACR 4.6 or later (in order to support CS3) and convert.

hej Boofon thnx a lot!!!
I was just freaking out, done about everything that was suggested before - no effect, then I tried your recipe and it worked !!
now I can do raw pictures from my EOS 7D in CS3
rikkidegraz > z
Jan 25, 2010 at 10:51 AM
What recipe? Tell me what you did besides install the converter.
z > rikkidegraz
Jan 26, 2010 at 10:13 AM
And then convert your cr2 files to dng files. The dng files will be recognized by CS3
THANKS ALOT, boofon! it is working~ =))
solves the prob in my head.
I've tried this but I'm given a messae saying that it is 64 bit and have to quit the install

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Jun 14, 2009 at 10:29 AM

please specify the format from your canon??
Not really sure what you mean, but as I said these are Canon RAW files - CR2 from my 500D. Those from my 350D opened fine but I see other people have the same problem
Hmm, scratch that, I'd downloaded the 5.6 RAW plugin rather than the converter.
i've tried that, doesn't help me at all. it still won't open my 550D raw files
If you have a MAC. Use your iPhoto program. Drop the images into iPhoto and then select them and select File/Export and decide what you want to convert to.
Start the converter, and then in Preferences go to Compatibility and choose Camera Raw 4.6 and later
I downloaded the converter, changed the crs file to dng 4.6 and older and still CS# is telling me that it can't support this raw file. Please any help
urbanscrawl > dj
Mar 7, 2010 at 03:36 PM
i'm having the same problem as dj... installed dng converter, converted raw files to dng, selected 4.6 compatibility and bridge/ps cs3 still can't read the files. any other ideas are much appreciated. thx!
It worked for me... make sure you stayed at ACR Version 4.6.. all the 5.x Versions only work for CS4
Mark PhotoDude
Jun 19, 2010 at 07:04 AM
I've downloadethe DNG convertor and it works but Photoshop opens the image as 7 meg, not the full 16 meg images. What's up with that? Any way to get from DNG to JPG?
I have the 50D and I downloaded the 4.6 RAW update. Then I went to Program Files- Common Files- Adobe- Plug-ins- File Format and replaced that file with the new 4.6 one. RAW's now open directly in Adobe Camera Raw like they should.
...I tried installing the 5.6 converter on my mac, but can't find where the file went. It installed, but have no idea how to actually open it?

Any clues?
Install this update and ur all good!!
I ended up loading the software from my camera and there is a photo program Digital Photo Professional which will open up the raw file and then use Tools to go to Photoshop.
yep that works but defeats the reason for shooting in RAW as this method just converts (compresses) your picture to TIFF format. The only work around is to use the DNG converter then adjust your RAW images in Photoshop Camera RAW, then edit the adjusted RAW in the normal (compressed TIFF/Jpeg) way, if that makes sense?
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Nov 30, 2009 at 09:13 PM
I have the Canon T1i 500d and CS3 also. According to Adobe, only Camera Raw 5.* will work and is only able to work with CS4. There is no way to use CS3 Bridge with the .cr2 format from from photos from the 500d. Grahams work-around may work (I have not tried it) but if you are looking for easy work-flow you may have to up grade to CS4. Adobe will not be making a plug in upgrade for this as CS3 is now "out dated".
Sadly, she's right. The new update that supports the Canon 500D T1i is NOT supported in CS3. Lame, I know.
Works like a charm! Thanks.
how dit you solved this?
i have this problem wit my canon 50d and photoshop cs2.
please email me;