My group permanantly deleted how can i recover it

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OHello, facebook removed my group by error,my group was created 5 years ago and it has more than 1.3 million member! It is very active and useful, it is bringing lebanese and arab people together despite their differences it is allowing people to speak and express their selves and talents and making people spend more time on facebook and love facebook even more! Suddenly it is removed with a message says its reported for harrasment and bullying..i assure to you there are no harrasment or bullying and we are not abusing anyone, any member who bully other member we delete and block him because we do not allow such behavior and we do understand our important role in applying the facebook sacred community standards, unfortunately a group of haters who want to spread chaos in our country and devide us are reporting my group because it is bringing us as people together.. so my group was deleted by facebook due to the many false reports they did from various fake or hacked accounts they have, i assure to you these are fake reports, they are not genuine please review my group and you will see how safe and welcoming and people love it so much it is very active and amazing this group represents my country it is called lebanon and it has 1.3 million members almost half my country people are in removed it without giving us a warning, me and the moderators are not harrasing anyone check my groups rules and my posts they are all welcoming i even created a welcoming and peaceful video on the announcement you can watch it and undesrtand from my words what is the purpose of my group..please restore my group because you made a terrible decision when you removed the largest and best group in our community this group was bringing people together i urge you to consider my request..thank you and for the love of god and all the hard work we done to get this group to where it is now dont shut it down for us and restore it please.

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May 15, 2019 at 01:10 PM
It would probably be best if you contacted facebook about your group. We are and we do not have anything to do with facebook. Good luck!