Tally erp 9 becomes slow when we give print command on a remote location

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we are facing a lot of issues with tally taking a lot of time to record and print vouchers at remote locations.

we have a tally server in one office and invoicing at various sales outlets. the entry for a invoice with multiple items takes a long time and printing just takes way too long...like maybe 10 to 12 mins

can someone help

thanks and regards
jayesh gandhi

System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 74.0.3729.157

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Its called bandwidth and throughput. It also depends on where the driver resides and is the client machine on a print server, and does the server spool it? Is the print server local to the client or does the erp server act as print server too? If yes, then that is your problem.
The client machine is on a different internet.the printer is attached to the client machine.the server does not spool.. the client acts as the print spool. .
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Is being routed by the interent via VPN?
its through internet
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The complete print job has to spool to the client. Perhaps it may be best to centalize the printing as a file type, and send the file over to be printed. Then the print job is local, and not routed all over the globe.