Windows 8 Display issue [Closed]

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Hello, So I have an issue with my computer not displaying anything I was setting up a second monitor and hit display on second monitor but nothing displays and I'm getting a no signal message from my monitor restarted and everything looks fine until after it boots past the windows loading screen in which case the same issue occurs no signal but I can hear my startup jingle and my programs that were to start on loading up activating but no signal to any of my monitors If I boot in safe mode it works no issue but if I startup normally it gives me a no signal message any fix for this or am I just SOL?

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 74.0.3729.157

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My dear tray the right connection for your computer

It sounds like you pc is pushing the highest resllolution to the second monitor, and it cannot handle it. Boot in safe mode, and change the resolution settings to the lowest on both monitors.
save it.