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So I have been trying to log into my old account on facebook. I hadnt touched the email in a long while just the facebook. But the issue is that my facebook can still recall the email i used but i forgot my facebook password. So when i tried using my email to reset my password, yahoo specifically says that it cannot recognize my email. Please help. My facebook account is also important at this point.

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 74.0.3729.136

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We understand that this is too late in this circumstance, but always create IMPORTANT accounts, such as email, and lesser important accounts, such as social media, on a landline workstation. A landline workstation can be laptop on wifi, or a desktop on wifi for that matter. The important thing; the account is created from a WIRED, NON-cellular network.
The provider can offer many ways to recover your account, if you create it in this manner. Always attach a recover email, such as a work, or another email that you will not forget the username and password to (because it SO important)!
After you have attached another email address in case of forgetfulness, now you can attach a mobile device to the account. Now, if you lose, break, or stop having access to your mobile device (non-payment of services), you can still recover your account!
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I shall take more responsibility with my accounts now. I just hope as of now I can remember my password so I don't have to trouble myself with another email. Your help is truly appreciated!
All the help we can provide has already been given. There is nothing anyone can do, and the precious facebook account has been lost!
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If you haven't logged into your account for 12 months, Yahoo has deleted it. You can check if your account is permanently deleted using the Sign-in Helper.

If the Sign-in Helper doesn't recognize your email address, you will unfortunately not be able to recover your account.



Thanks a lot of contacting. I actually seem to have lost the email completely. I know I may not get my issue solved but do you think there is another way to get my Facebook account back? The email was all there is to it. Even if I had a number in my fb, I probably don't have it anymore just like the rest of my numbers that are linked to my other accounts. Facebook can't seem to do anything for me. All my luck is trying to budge the password I have forgotten...

Thanks a lot.