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I have a memory card in a camera which I use. Now I can view the pictures only on the digital camera, but when I connect the camera to a computer, I am not able to view the pictures on the computer. When I insert the card into a card reader to read the pictures on the computer, its also not possible. How can I solve or br able to read or see the pictures on the computer?
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Insert the card into ur computer and right click the card drive and click add to archive.rar, there by u will create a compressed version of ur photos, copy that rar file else where on the computer, extract and view the photos.

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Hello let's try doing something,

Remove the card from your camera and try to connect your camera directly using cable to your pc!! Just see if it detects!

Then now if it detects your camera this mean there's a problem with the card! Just try to insert the card on another camera and connect to pc!