My account hacked

 gangster -
My name is Salman Ansari, my e-mail account is by the name is

Presently i am based in Dubai and this account was made in Pakistan in 2006 .

Yesterday i was at one of the interent cafe around 14 or 14:30 hrs for one hour and came out, later in the evening i tried to open my account i could not and it keep on coming either mail ID is wrong or password.

I dont remember the alternate password or childhood friend or i dont have anything to prove my self.

Please help me out.

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Tuesday March 17, 2009
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July 16, 2009
Hye there,

In order to get back to your account you will have contact the hotmail support team to help you!
Contact hotmail help here:
right this is what u need to do make a new account and make sure you remember ur secreat question nd deatails because without any information ur acc will not come bk