I already have an iPhone with Spectrum Mobile

 kharlox -
I have an iPhone with Spetrum Mobile. I activated it and got a SIM card in the mail. I recently bought a new iPhone Verizon and tried activating it with Spectrum but they insist that I buy a new SIM card to activate my phone. I read on the internet that I can just pop in my SIM card to the new phone, but when I called Spectrum they said it will work temporarily if I pop in the SIM card into my new phone but it will mess up the IMEI, or something like that, and it will stop working after a while.

Am I being told correctly that I have to buy a new SIM card to activate my new iPhone 8 when I already have an iPhone SE activated?

When I bought my phone I got it with a Verizon SIM card but Spectrum said I still have to buy a new SIM card from them. This doesn't sound right to me. I would think the new SIM card should work if its Verizon and has never been used.

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I had already heard similar cases, in the previous ones they recommended acquiring a new sim


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