DVD drive didn't read DVD files ?

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My DVD drive didn't read any DVD files.
I tell u in brifly:-
When I insert a DVD disk into DVD drive & open DVD DRIVE through MY COMPUTER it seems like pure blank, no error message or any kind of message would occur. But it read the data of MP3 & CD disks.
In the DEVICE MANAGER it seems that the "Device working properly. I Installed "Power DVD" decoder.

It will great help for me if someone Fix this problem......

Waiting your reply..........

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Hey there,

This occurs when you have failed when burning a dvd... this means your DVD drive got a serious problem and won't be able to read DVDs. You can try updating the firmware

To know more just check: http://ccm.net/faq/sujet 2601 firmware cd dvd reader or burner
Thank you

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