Extend windows desktop to tv over network

tim - Jun 20, 2009 at 06:02 AM
 Arthur - Sep 27, 2010 at 10:47 PM
Hi all,

first time at this forum. my question spans different locations, so please forgive me if I post this in the wrong location...

i have a question regarding extending my desktop to my tv (as a 2nd monitor) over my computer network as I do not want to place my pc to next to my tv or use a 30 feet long videocable. i've found multiple solutions, but am unsure the i've found the 'best' solution. my main goal is watching video's from my pc on my tv.

what I want to achieve
i want to connect my tv (samsung le46" 6-series, full hd) to my pc over my computer network. I want my tv to act as a 2nd monitor (just as I could when I move my pc next to the tv and use a tv-out connection from my graphicscard on my pc). I want the pc to be in control of everything, as I can upgrade my pc, install new codecs, browse the internet etc. So I guess I need some sort of adapter which converts the signal from my network to a videosignal the tv can understand. and this adapter should have a remote control or wireless keyboard or something similair.

what hardware do I need to achieve this?

this is what i've found so far and which is kinda what i'm looking for:

for instance, with a D-Link PC-on-TV Media Player DPG-1200 (http://www.dlink.com/products/?pid=655) I can connect my pc to a tv, with the tv as a 2nd monitor if I understand correctly. with the remote I can browse through my pc (browse to folders, files, etc). a video is played on the pc and streamed to the tv with the d-link. but in the fineprint in the specs it says:
2. This product does not currently support DirectX® applications, thus not all content available on your PC is viewable on your TV.

this makes me question if the tv is truly a 2nd monitor for my pc or is this d-link unit merely an adapter or something? or has this something to do with the conversion of the signal comming from the network cable to the tv input?

i've also found the mvix mx780hd. this can only read folders and files from my pc (over the network) and stream videos (only supported formats). through a crappy interface on the tv I can browse the files with a remote. options are limited as you do not really use your pc.

the conceptronic Gigabit Full HD Media Player supports more video formats then the mvix, but again no real 2nd monitor windows solution. (www.conceptronic.net)

well, I guess my post is long enouhg for now :)

kind regards,

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Hello Tim,
I have a new solution for you. NET KVM, it may fulfill your requirement. Please give me the E-Mail, I will send the datesheet to you accordingly. Thank you.
so basically you are looking for some sort of adapter to convert the signal from a network cable to a tv understandable signal?

is this what you are looking for: https://www.netgear.com/error/404_Error.aspx?aspxerrorpath=/Products/Entertainment/DigitalMediaPlayers/EVA8000.aspx
Try going to https://www.dlna.org/ Or if you have a stereo, with an ethernet jack, connect that to your network and then you can stream music to it through windows media player.
have you considered the Air HD by Brite-View? Model no. BV-2500. It's a solution that may work for me since I have an HD out slot on my laptop. You said you have a video out on your graphics card, but I couldn't tell from your description if it's a VGA, S-Video, Digital Out, 3.5mm or what.

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Install a video card that supports dual monitors and has either as S video out or and HDMI out. Run a long cord (25' or 50' depending on need) directly from the PC to the TV. To control remotley purchase an Windows Media Play RF remote control. The RF remote contral will work through walls or furniture.

Good Luck!