How to connect a broken Laptop to external Monitor

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I have an old laptop, whose screen and Keyboard are damaged. I wanted to connect it to an external monitor. I have HDMI cables and VGA cable I tried to connect by it won't. I removed its case. I found out that Switching on the laptop the small LED lights are glowing, Fan is spinning, and Could hear little vibrations from the hard drive, Through which I assume that it is working. It is a sony Vaio vpceb34en pretty much very old laptop, Which was kept aside for years. Please help whether I could still use it or not

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If your laptop has a broken screen, you can use an external monitor as a workaround, which at least lets you work constructively until you repair or replace the computer.
Your laptop should have at least one connection for an external monitor and could have more. The oldest and most common is the 15-pin VGA connector. It's still used pretty widely for computer monitors, and it's a common option for projectors and other accessories. You might also have an HDMI port, a DisplayPort – which looks like an HDMI connector with one side flattened – or a DVI connection. If you're buying or borrowing a monitor to use with your laptop until it's repaired, it's simplest to look for one that's got the same connector. If that's not an option, you'll have to buy an adapter, which is an added expense but not usually a major one.
Connecting Physically
Hopefully, you already have a suitable cable or will get one with the monitor – otherwise you'll need to pick it up from your local office supplier or tech retailer. Connecting is usually pretty straightforward. If you have a VGA cable, screw it into the thumbscrews on the back or side of the monitor, then connect the other end to your laptop. It'll fit only one way. Most laptops don't have thumbscrews to hold the connector in place, so once you push it in, you're done. With HDMI, DisplayPort or DVI cables, you'll do the same, though you won't need to tighten screws at the monitor end. There's enough friction in the connector to keep the cable in place during normal usage.
Switching to the External Monitor
Now turn on your monitor and start your computer. Most newer laptops are able to recognize when an external monitor is attached and will recognize it automatically. If that's the case, you'll see your regular boot-up and login screens scrolling past on the new monitor. If it's not recognized automatically, you'll need to use your laptop's function or Fn keys to switch manually to the external monitor. These vary by brand. For example, on an Acer Aspire One, the external monitor keystroke is to hold down the Fn key and tap the F5 function key at the top of the keyboard. On many HP models, the combination is Fn and F4. You'll usually see a little monitor-shaped icon on the correct key, or you can use another machine to search the manufacturer's website and find out the correct key for your laptop. Once you enter the keystroke and let go of the keys, your external monitor should come on.

I hope this information will be helpful to connect a broken laptop to external monitor.

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If your external display uses VGA, DVI or HDMI instead, you can also get a DisplayPort adapter cable, allowing you to connect your VGA, DVI or HDMI display to the laptop's DisplayPort.

If it's still not displaying, it could be that the motherboard encountered issues.

Otherwise try these methods:

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Re attach the broken laptop screen, after that let laptop boot atleast 2-3min, then connect external monitor and hit windows+P key once or twice and press enter it should let to display, otherwise keep playing with it since you dont see anything.