Unwanted mouse clicks on HP Pavilion dv4

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I recently bought an HP Pavilion dv4 laptop (from costco last may)
I've been using it for a month now and didn't have any problems.

The thing is now that whenever i'm writing, every few minutes, the mouse just clicks (without me touching it!) and i keep writing whenever the mouse pointer was.

it's very annoying..
I can't write anymore.. every time i look at my emails i see text on the wrong part of my mail ..

my sister also has the same laptop for a year and this thing happens to her as well.

Has anyone had that problems?
Any Ideas?

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Go to the control panel and check the mouse settings and click on defaults to reset the settings if ever someone changed it!
Thank you

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It seems to be an issue with Vista. I bought a Toshiba 3 weeks ago, and it has been doing it since it came out of the box. I also bought an HP DV1245 last October and the same thing has happened since I bought it. I had first purchased a Medion (from ALDI Stores) in September and thought the casing or Hard drive was causing the left clicking, but it seems to be Vista related. The mouse settings have never been altered from the default on any of mine.

ANy ideas to help all of us out would be fantastic!!
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its not vista specific. I have installed XP on my new Laptop and there as well I am facing the same issue. Earlier I was using another HP laptop, and it used to happen with that as well. Its very annoying indeed. All the mails mail get wrongly drafted due to this.

Same here but I got it fixed by talking to a tech support at HP.com. The problem was the mouse had to be updated. I am having the same issue again and I am out of warranty so I am trying to find an alternative solution or a link where they have the driver update.