Confuse about GB WhatsApp new security update.

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Friday January 8, 2021
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January 19, 2021
 Yonana -
As we all know cybersecurity is really necessary these days, we all have seen cybercrime and it is very common just because we allow all updates to access your personal devices. I have also written predictions on cybersecurity trends for 2021 in which I discuss the top 10 cybersecurity trends for 2021 I will give the link below.
People are taking WhatsApp's new update as a threat. Is it's a threat or not? As per new updates, WhatsApp is taking all the private data and deliver it to Facebook to improve Facebook advertisement.
I am a bit confused about the new privacy update of WhatsApp which is GBWhatsapp.

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GB Whatsapp can never replace the official Whatsapp, so if you are confused about privacy then official Whatsapp is far much better than GB.
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