Urgent black screen but power still on?

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Firstly I'm not sure if I put this in the right place, but anyway. I got a new Hp dv6-1130sa yesterday, I charged it for ages ect. as you do. Then today I was playing The Sims 3 and I think it had quite a low battery left, and suddenly the screen just went black. But the weird thing was that all the lights where still on? So i tried pressing the power switch and turning it off and it wouldn't turn off. I'm not sure what to do now I've tried plugging in the charging cable, I went through all the help in the booklet and nothings working. Someone said about maybe taking the battery out but I don't think that is really safe while the laptop is still on. If it's even on? I don't really know, because the screen is just black put all the lights are on. I'm new to this thing, and I don't have a warranty so I have no idea what to do. Help as soon as possible would be great, thanks. :) x

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Hye unplug everything.. remove the battery then place it again after 15 minutes!! When you play games on your laptop make sure to connect the power cable as the laptop consumes more power when you are playing!

Thanks so much :) it worked. x